Brady Landing Airpark an Aviation Community

About Us


In February 2000 a pilot had a vision.  His vision was to create a development dedicated to fellow pilots.  His name is Tom Brady. Yes, that is how we became known as Brady Landing Airpark. Tom had many hurdles to overcome and he managed to deal with each one with a positive attitude and persistence.  We are very fortunate that Tom had a dream and that dream turned into reality.  Stop and talk with him when you see him on the roads. He loves to share his stories.  Many are true.

Brady Landing Airpark is a residential flying community.  With the through-the-fence access to Currituck County Airport pilots are able to taxi their planes onto the runway using the taxiways that double as streets. It is one of the few airparks in the country with access to a publicly owned airport.

The residents take great pride in maintaining their homes and common areas.  As a team everyone works together to ensure the safety and security of the airpark and airport.  

If you have ever dreamed of stepping out of your home and into your plane to go to lunch, fly to the beach to avoid the traffic, then make that dream a reality.  Come visit us here at the airpark or stop by the airport.  Someone is always around talking about planes and adventures.