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Welcome Randy and Sarah Baxter to our community!

We asked Randy and Sarah to share a little bit about themselves.  Here is their story!

As Navy veterans we were familiar with the eastern seaboard and spent a period of time in Charleston, SC and Newport News, VA and later Burlington, VT (IBM).  Given our experiences, we decided to target the mid-Atlantic for retirement. 

We raised two daughters, and their critters.  Fortunately, the older daughter invited her horse to live on her farm in Illinois, were she sells real estate. Our younger daughter has been teaching English literature at IB Schools around the world (currently Panama CZ).

Our previous homes were colonials, with separate family room, living room, kitchen, etc. Our BLA home started that way but, after a multitude of design modification we now have embraced the great room concept - hope we like it…! 

It’s taken four years for Brady Landing Airpark to become the Baxter’s primary residence.  It’s hard to believe that we have known some of you for that long, and we’re looking forward to meeting our other neighbors.  If you see us about, say hi.

We also have new neighbors on Aviator Drive and Happy Landing Drive that we would like to welcome.  Please let us know how you decided to honor us by being our neighbor.  We would love to hear from you.  

Go to Contact Us, send us a message and we will contact you.  

Have a wonderful day!