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Trimming and Cleanup Event - Saturday, October 21, 2017

 Thanks to Rocky, Roger, Randy and Sarah, John, Chaz, Dickie, Mark and Robin, Jeff and
 Christina our airpark community is looking great.  They cut down small trees and bushes  in
 the ditches along Happy Landing and Aviator today.  6 truck loads were taken to the dump  
 and we still have about 3 more to go.  

 Taking the time out of everyones busy schedules to help maintain our airpark is really 
 appreciated.  Please help by doing your part in keeping the ditches cut, over hanging 
 branches cleared of the taxiway and basic clean up and maintenance along the roads.  

 Thanks to Jeff's leadership and organizational skills everything went smoothly. After the job
 was done the crew enjoyed some laughs, food and drinks in the Leuzinger hangar. 

Importance to AOPA Members

The challenges of winter flying can be summed up in four words: cold, ice, snow, and wind. Every day's a weather day after the first snowfalls of winter arrive in colder regions. Now a whole set of conditions, accompanied by a cryptic stream of abbreviations to describe them, shows up in notams, regular and special surface weather reports, automatic terminal information service broadcasts, and verbally from the tower. After the season's first light dustings of snow give way to accumulating storms and snow-removal operations, pilots need to inform themselves continually about runway, taxiway, and ramp conditions. The information in this subject report will provide tips for successfully meeting the challenges of winter weather.

As always, feel free to call AOPA's Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA with questions.

Visit AOPA's website by clicking the Button below for more information on:

Winterizing Your Aircraft

Cold Weather Operations