Our BBQ was published in General Aviation News! 


Dickie's Birthday was February 9th 

Many of the airpark neighbors celebrated with him by taking him to dinner and then meeting at Sarah and Randy's house for cake, ice cream, drinks and laughter.

May 7, 2021

Another fun filled evening at the Navy Simulator in Norfolk!!  

Roger Gwinn and Kerry Grant always know how to let us play and learn at the same time!  Plus feed us with delicious pizza and soda.

We can't thank you enough for all the time effort you both put into this!

Community News

Trimming & Cleanup Event 3 Annual Event - Dec 13 2020 9am

A little rain at the beginning of the day didn't stop our pilots and co-pilots from getting out of their warm and cozy homes to do some tree trimming and clean-up.  This helps keep tree limbs from breaking and ending up on the taxiway.  It also allows our planes to taxiway safely within the airpark.  Our airpark community is important to us and we like to keep it looking nice!

Thank you Roger Gwinn for coordinating our 3rd Annual Tree Trimming Event.  We also would like to thank: Chaz Mott, Kerry Grant and Roger Gwinn, Randy and Sarah Baxter, John Duncan and his son, Jim Stanton, Robin Leuzinger for getting out there and working hard all day!  

A special thanks for the ones that helped by buying us lunch, making side dishes and setting and cleaning up in the Leuzinger hangar.  Mark Leuzinger, Cindy Stanton and Mary Mott - great food and nice to sit and visit before heading back out!

We had a nice surprise visit from people that were part of the original airpark as well!

And, of course, Dickie! 

Community Cleanup and Tree Trimming October 2021

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the annual community cleanup/tree trimming day.  It was a very productive day and a lot of hard work.  Everyone brought out their lawn tools, trailers, tractor mowers and trucks to get the job done.

A special thank you to Chaz Mott, our President, for buying everyone lunch.  

March 8, 2018

A community working together keeping our roads repaired.  

Thank you Jeff and Roger!

Memorial Weekend BBQ - May 26, 2018

A great way to enjoy a holiday weekend is with friends, food and, of course, airplanes! 

The fun started at noon and didn't end until almost 8pm!

Really like that we have a community where people pitch in, without being asked, and take care of keeping our airpark looking great. What a difference some paint makes!!

Thank you Jim for repainting

our Airpark sign!

Brady Landing Airpark an Aviation Community

Thank you Roger Gwinn and Kerry Grant  for setting up this fantastic and exciting opportunity for all of us to try the Ship Simulator.  

Plus having food and refreshments!  

We all had so much fun!! 

​Navy Appreciation Day

Enjoying a night out with family and friends at the Norfolk Tides Baseball Game in August 2021!

​Larissa, Captain Roger Gwinn, Petty Officer Kerry Grant, former Petty Officers Sarah and Randy Baxter, and former Senior Chief Jim Stanton and Cindy Stanton. see picture below....

Trimming and Cleanup Event - Saturday, October 21, 2017

 Thanks to Rocky, Roger, Randy and Sarah, John, Chaz, Dickie, Mark and Robin, Jeff and
 Christina our airpark community is looking great.  They cut down small trees and bushes  in
 the ditches along Happy Landing and Aviator today.  6 truck loads were taken to the dump  
 and we still have about 3 more to go.  

 Taking the time out of everyones busy schedules to help maintain our airpark is really 
 appreciated.  Please help by doing your part in keeping the ditches cut, over hanging 
 branches cleared of the taxiway and basic clean up and maintenance along the roads.  

 Thanks to Jeff's leadership and organizational skills everything went smoothly. After the job
 was done the crew enjoyed some laughs, food and drinks in the Leuzinger hangar. 

One evening, in May 2021, someone damaged our beautiful landscaping at Happy Landing and Maple Road.  Randy Baxter had worked hard negotiating with Jordan Daneker to volunteer his time and money into designing and creating this nice entryway into our airpark.  It was a sad day to see this.

Then someone (or some people) went to Jordan and, again, negotiated to have this repaired so now our entryway is again, beautiful. 

Thank you to the concerned property owner(s) who did and this is/are remaining anonymous!  

What a great neighborhood to live in!!!

Aviation Day at Currituck Regional Airport 2021

Thank you to those from the airpark who volunteered their time and/or displayed their planes, cars and helped to make this a successful event.

Aviation Day at Currituck Regional Airport allowed children and adults to have a ride in an airplane and see planes up close.  Warbirds were on display as well.  Some people brought their cars to show off and ECSU brought their STEM trailer out.

The fire department put on a demonstration and we even had band located around the corner of the entrance. 

Check out this write up in the Daily Advance about Aviation Day and our pilots and the airpark: https://www.dailyadvance.com/news/local/christmas-in-september-eaa-provides-plane-rides-for-youth