The Restrictive Covenants for Brady Landing Airpark can be found on the Currituck County website.  You can also go into the county office and view them there.  


We have provided a link, below, to the County and made every attempt to direct you to the proper location of these documents.  Please make sure that you check with the county to ensure you have found all of the covenants/documents for the airpark.  You can also find the Plat Maps for the airpark there as well.  The list we have provided below is not an assurance of all of the recorded covenants/documents with Currituck County.  


You should have been provided a copy when you purchased your property, as it is not the responsibility of the POA to provide this information.  We highly recommend that you do your due diligence in locating all of the covenants for Brady Landing Airpark and reading these documents thoroughly.  There are multiple phases in the airpark so please make sure you familiarize yourself with the phase your property is in and read over all the phases as well. 



When you are on the Currituck County Register of Deeds Website select Online Deed Search

Currituck County Office website 


click on the link below

The Brady Landing Airpark Restrictive Covenants

         Here are a some Book and Page numbers as an example:
          Book            Page     Title
         # 588           # 403     Restrictive Covenants (Phase I)
         # 588           # 394     Easement to runway
         # 617           # 728     Amended Covenants
         # 804           # 887     Amended Covenants
         # 865           # 784     Amended Covenants
         #1246          # 331     Phase II Restrictive Covenants

         #1310          # 604     Deed of Easement

         # M              # 156     Plat Map



Brady Landing Airpark an Aviation Community

   To locate a file that has been recorded select the following:

  • Click here to acknowledge this disclaimer and enter the site
  • New page comes up and you are in the Consolidated Index Tab
  • Upper left box Last/Firm Name enter: Brady Landing
    • Leave First Name box blank
  • Click Search 
    • On the far right are the titles of the documents
    • To select a document click the document image on the left right

    To locate a plat map select the following:

  • Click here to acknowledge this disclaimer and enter the site
  • Click on View Images
  • Select Book Type of Plat in the drop down screen
  • Enter in BK and Page          

             Make sure you select Images as PDF (check the box)